Oct 21, 2010

XYZ Sentences

This time, each consecutive word in your sentence must begin with consecutive letters.

First Comment: Aunt Betty Can Dress Elephants.
Next Comment: Friday Grandma Has Intense Judo Kicking Lessons.

Get silly, and have fun with it! Challenge yourself - see how many letters you can use. (Can anyone get all 26?)


April 4Christ said...

Albert Bowie's creatively designed, exquisite, fragrances gather holistic interest judiciously; keeping lavish, marginally known owners, puzzled, questioning, rather secretly, their unique venue; wondering expeditiously, yearning zealously… “What’s next”!

Me said...

April bested Cherie deliberately executing fancy gibberish, however I just keep linking my knowledge of peculiar, questionable rants so that useless verbs wont exasperate you zebras.

Aaron said...

A Bible Carrying Devoted Evangelical Fellow Gave Homage Into June's Kind Look; Meanwhile, Noticing
Old Patricia Quoting Revelations Sweetly To Uncle Vern While Xavier Yelled Zealously.

April 4Christ said...

A Bible carries dynamic eternal facts giving hope in Jesus, killing Lucifer's maniacal notions of power, qualifying restless sinners to uplifting victory with extreme yoke zapping ability. Beautifully Christ does everything for grieving, hopeless individuals, kindly loving, mercifully nourishing; omnipotently providing, quite radically... salvation to us very willingly; expressing youthful zeal!!! (For You & Me)

Me said...

Alphabet books can definetely earn funds.

GramJ said...

Anna's busy creating decorations every Friday, giving holiday inspiration, joy, kindness, love meanwhile nice organized people quickly review sales to use variety when expressing yule zeazonz.